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Parenting during social isolation

Recently, parents have expressed feeling stressed with having their kids at home 24/7 during social isolation. Families cannot attend the normal stress relievers such as play dates, sports, and other social activities until the impact of this COVID-19 health pandemic eases.

On those tough days when your child is just not behaving, remember you are not alone. If you need help, reach out to friends or family via social media, skype, or a professional via Lifeline (ph:13 11 14) or TELEHEALTH.

“A well behaved child complies with parental requests 80% of the time” (Alan Kazdin, Prof. Psychology, Yale University).

Parenting DO’s to achieve desired behaviour in your child:

  1. Start your request with “Please”. Its harder to have a harsh tone when you’re using manners.

  2. Prompt the desired behavior with clear and achievable goals. E.g. “Please pick up 5 toys before dinner”. This is less overwhelming for the child than saying “Pick up that mess now”.

  3. Add a choice, it sounds less like a demand and encourages ownership in the behaviour. “Please put on your red jumper OR your green jacket”.

  4. Add a playful challenge, “I bet you cant pick up 5 toys before dinner”.

  5. Praise small achievements to reinforce good behaviour. “Thankyou for taking your plate to the kitchen when I asked you” (high five).

  6. Role play the desired behavior – practice makes perfect.

A parents love is not dependent on a child’s behaviour.

These times are tough, and parenting is the hardest job, it is also the most rewarding job!

For parenting stress or any other mental health issue, contact Gold Coast Family Services to arrange an appointment today. | Ph: 0433 521 223 | Email:

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